What We Do

Our team of highly experienced and specialized tutors are online 24/7 to answer any math question students need help on.

We don't just provide answers. We provide solutions. That means that every question is solved step by step so a student can see the whole problem including the result and how we got there.

We designed the system so students can simply snap a picture of their math problems. This means that not only is it convenient to use SnapQu, we can answer questions involving word-problems, diagrams or mathematical symbols.

Best of all, expert math guidance for every student is now simply a snap away.

Our Vision

We aim to achieve excellence through providing readily available, reliable, and high quality solutions for every student using SnapQu.

We don't want students to have to wait for a private study session with a tutor to get help nor do we want them to pay premium fees for every small problem they need help with. We want to provide readily accessible service so no student has to waste time waiting for a lesson.

One of our upcoming goals is to extend SnapQu's reach into many additional subjects so we can provide help to students no matter what they struggle with in school.

Most importantly, we enjoy helping students understand math.


  • College- Algebra
  • College- Calculus
  • College- Geometry
  • College- Precalculus
  • College- Trigonometry
  • HS- Algebra 1
  • HS- Algebra 2
  • HS- Calculus
  • HS- Geometry
  • HS- Precalculus
  • HS- Trigonometry
  • Middle School Math

Roman Khaves


For the past 5 years Roman has been running a successful test prep business in NYC. Over the past couple years Roman grew his business into a multi-room office space, has employed a number of tutors, and has the privilege of tutoring hundreds of students each semester. Roman started SnapQu as a way to break past the limitations of his brick-and-mortar office and the limited hours tutors were available. He wanted to create a service which would be convenient, inexpensive, and available round the clock at a moments notice. That's how SnapQu started.


Roman foresees a future where tutoring is accessible to everyone, anytime, and everywhere. With SnapQu providing service to mobile, he hopes to further that vision and make it reality.


Roman started it all. He has been an idea-generator and has shaped how the company is today. With the help of his tutoring background and mathematics degree from NYU he recruited and tested all of SnapQu's tutors. He also is in charge of the tutors scheduling and making the service run on a day-to-day basis.


Joshua Miller

dev lead

Josh was branded a programmer since he first stepped into middle school. Born to a family of geeks, his dad, an MIT alum building navigation control systems at NASA, taught him how to get a computer to automate his homework. Since then Josh has enthusiastically picked up programming skills that cover the spectrum of software development. When Josh first met Roman at a business program last summer he knew he was the perfect match to get a service like SnapQu going. Upon graduating with honors from University of Maryland, Josh moved to Brooklyn so he could start SnapQu and work shoulder to shoulder with Roman.


Josh envisions a world in which SnapQu is a verb, not just a noun. More concretely, Josh aspires for his labor to impact the world around him and leave a presence that technology has recently made possible.


Josh brings to the table not only free-flowing ideas but an invaluable skill set that continues to shape SnapQu's growth. Josh has years of experience programming in JAVA which made it possible for him to build out multiple iterations of SnapQu's app for Android. However, the student app is only a piece of the puzzle. Josh's range of experience with servers, PHP, SQL, Javascript and a wide array of other technologies provided him the foundation to build a working environment for tutors as well as write the framework of scripts that provide the fabric which powers SnapQu.


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